Chakra Balancing with Stephanie Strand

Stephanie StrandNDYC Teacher Feature: Stephanie Strand

Today, we are chatting with Stephanie about her NDYC 2019 class: CHAKRA BALANCING

Create harmony in your body and deepen your yoga practice with the chakras.

Today, we are discussing:

? What are the chakras and play a part in our daily life

? How they can be in and out of balance

? How Stephanie’s class will help us bring the chakras back into balance.

Stephanie’s class is Sunday at 11:00AM.

Register before July 1 to save 10%!


About Stephanie:

I started doing yoga in college in 2003, as an extra credit class and loved it. From there I took my first training in Minneapolis and started teaching at CrossFit gyms. I went out to the east coast and did another 200 hr RYT intensive training bouncing up and down Oregon and Washington.

I enjoy learning about all styles of yoga and exploring the different practices. Making creative sequences that blend together and move into a flowing meditation makes me feel better. A meditative flowing movement is what I want for my students, and it keeps improving every class. 

My most favorite place to be is where people are gathered to breathe, sweat, move, and achieve more than just a physical workout. The music and sounds of people moving in sync create a whole new experience you can’t get anywhere else. It is truly like a dance of spirit!

Yoga is a beautiful union between all elements of what comprises who you truly are, as a whole person. It is your spirit, body, emotions, mind, essence, and everything in between. It is more than just the pose, it goes deeper than that. Yoga is what makes us better people so that we can go out into the world and do better for others.

Check out Stephanie online: https://www.theyogaboutique701.com



Key Takeaways

[00:49] About Stephanie

[02:23] What are the Chakras and how do they apply to our life?

[03:46] Working from the bottom up.

[05:13] The chakra colors- are they necessary?

[06:26] How do the chakras come out of balance and is it a bad thing?

[08:52] Chakras are too open?

[10:10] Stephanie’s class at the North Dakota Yoga Conference – what tools will we learn?


Quotes from this episode

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and it just basically is your seven energy centers or openings in the body. But there’s seven main chakras that we focus on.

Chakras have a physical resemblance in the body to clusters of nerves.

We have an internal connection to these energy centers and they affect our normal everyday life. 

The chakras can fluctuate throughout your day and function throughout your life. But the important thing to know is how to bring it back into balance so that when we find ourselves out of balance, we can still find a way to come back to center.

It’s not bad that you’re chakras are out of balance- it’s just part of living your life.

There’s such a thing as being too open in our chakras too. It’s all about being balanced.

Your chakra class will be such a wonderful way to come back into balance before we go back out there into our daily lives.