2022 NDYC Scholarship

Scholarships available for those in financial need

Applications Close July 8

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We believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone!

Applications close July 8, 2022

Bonnie Torrance Memorial Scholarship

Bonnie Torrance was a strong, independent woman and a pioneer for yoga in North Dakota, starting the first yoga studio in the Mandan/Bismarck area in 1990, Pinwheel Creative Movement Center.

Bonnie was an expert in living life to the fullest, and focused her expertise in body movement with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance. She always credited her accomplished Dance and Teaching career to her lifelong Yoga and Tai Chi practice.

She returned to ND in 1990 to share her love of the Arts, Dance, Yoga, and Tai Chi, with her community, through the schools, and in her private studio, with a distinct passion and colorful flare we will always reflect on with a smile and a gentle nod! Her final studio location was the Yoga for You studio in Bismarck.

She would have loved to see how her Yoga Family has grown here on her beautiful Dakota Prairie Home. Feel free to offer up an OM SHANTI, in memory of all the great teachers, like Bonnie, that have inspired us and led us to this moment, so well prepared for uplifted, balanced, and happy living.

“The opportunity to try something new and to be with other people who love yoga. I liked that the vendors were in a room this year – easier flow and easier to spend more time at a booth if desired. I liked the variety of classes and the fact that some were also offered last year as I was able to take a class this year that I was intrigued by last year but didn’t take. The keynote speaker was fantastic – how inspiring!!”

- 2018 NDYC Attendee

Everyone should have access to yoga, regardless of age, race, gender or financial need. We are so excited to offer two deserving people an NDYC 2022 Conference Pass and hotel accommodations. Travel is the responsibility of the recipient and is not covered by the scholarship. Scholarship winners will be notified by July 11, 2022. Winners will be chosen based on financial need, dedication to improving the community, and commitment to bettering themselves.

This scholarship is based on Financial NEED to help make yoga accessible. You will be required to describe your financial need and why you would like to attend the conference.

Honoring Our Previous Scholarship Winners

NDYC 2021

This conference was such a game-changer in my journey, not just as a yoga teacher, but in all aspects of my life. I came into the conference not having a strong sense of what it was going to be, and I feel fortunate for that because I feel like it kept me open to the experience. The things I learned from the variety of workshops were invaluable – I had my first exposure to sound bath meditation, was finally introduced to the bandhas in a way that I was actually able to access them, and got to participate in a kirtan, just to name a few of the impactful experiences I got to have – but more than all of this, I got to connect and make friends with a community of like-minded people who I hope to stay connected to for a long time.

Had I not been awarded this scholarship, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be a part of this, and truly it was a journey-shifting opportunity. I am deeply grateful, and I’m sure I will look back at the experience for a long time to come.

-Sam Wisenden

2021 NDYC Scholarship Recipient

I truly want to thank you for the scholarship to this year’s ND yoga conference. I needed this in my life right now. Attending this conference made me so happy! I thought I was doing this to better my patients as a nurse, be more patient towards my husband, and then I realized that I was doing this for myself. I was able to explore the importance of self-care, relaxation, and fun all with the support of a gentle, loving community of people.

Even though I am not a yoga instructor, I felt supported throughout the weekend. I was given the tools to work on things that can enhance my well-being, such as the simplicity of having more fun & being more creative thru art & music. The last few years have been challenging and as I deeply explored that thru journalling, reiki, and meditation, I realized I hold a lot of grief I didn’t even know I had! I learned not to shame myself for not being perfect, but to use tools to work through life’s challenges. I appreciated this opportunity so much!


-Joslyn Kaseman

2021 NDYC Scholarship Recipient

NDYC 2019

Lynne Monson



Jordan Albers

NDYC 2018

Fayme Stringer Henry