Tai Chi- Medication in Motion

Crystal GrenierNDYC Teacher Feature: Crystal Grenier

ND Yoga Conference Teacher Feature: CRYSTAL GRENIER

Today, we are chatting with Crystal about her NDYC 2019 class: TAI CHI- MEDICATION IN MOTION

The central focus of Tai Chi is to enable the energy force to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body achieving total harmony and balance of the inner and outer self through the integration of the mind and body.

Today, we are discussing:

? What is Tai Chi?

? What can Tai Chi do for you?

? Who should practice Tai Chi?

? What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

? The class title says “Medication in Motion.” What does this mean?

Crystal’s class is Sunday at 8:00AM.

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About Crystal:

Crystal is an Idaho native with 2 adult daughters currently residing in Bottineau, ND. She has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years with many certification formats and is now a 200hr RYT through YogaFit. She has a small studio in Bottineau where she teaches yoga, personal trains, and is excited to collaborate with other local women entrepreneurs to host three summer mini retreats!

An affirmation from Crystal: As you say yes to life, Life says yes to you. Life mirrors your every thought. As you keep your thoughts positive, life brings you only good experiences.

Check out Crystal online: Intentional Fitness with Crystal


Key Takeaways

[00:01] Introduction to Crystal

[01:38] What is Tai Chi and how is it different than yoga?

[03:28] Who do you recommends should practice Tai Chi at the conference?

[04:32] What are some of the benefits of Tai Chi?

[05:55] Medication in Motion- what does it mean?

[08:34] What can Tai Chi do for you?

[11:35] Mental and social benefits of Tai Chi.

[12:37] Creating a regular exercise or yoga practice is challenging for everyone!

[13:40] Summer retreats for women entrepreneurs

Quotes from this episode

Crystal’s affirmation for us all: “As you say yes to life, life says yes to you. Life mirrors your every thought as you keep your thoughts, positive life brings you only good experiences.”

Tai Chi continues to flow. In Yoga we may pause and hold a pose. 

Tai Chi is becoming more popular to help fight disease versus taking medication. 

Bringing in one hour of movement every day is going to not only help you with chronic diseases, but it’s also going to help reduce your risk of falls, strengthen up your core, like you said, which can help with low back pain.

The whole class is standing and slow gentle movements which makes it great for seniors!

Tai Chi is an exercise for your entire wellbeing!

You and I love fitness and exercise. We love Yoga and Tai Chi. And it’s still hard for us to do it regularly on our own. Everyone- give yourself a break. It’s hard for everyone to create a sustainable, regular fitness practice. Find a workout buddy or start attending classes!