Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop

Tiffany JohnsonNDYC Teacher Feature: Tiffany Johnson

Today, we are chatting with Tiffany about her NDYC 2019 class: TRAUMA SENSITIVE YOGA WORKSHOP

In trauma, the body’s alarm system turns on and stays in high alert.

Through yoga, we can create a more positive space for healing to help “rewire” your brain to regulate your responses to everyday stress and situations by making choices and being present.

We will discuss what is trauma, who it affects and who can benefit from Tiffany’s class at the ND Yoga Conference.

Tiffany’s class is Sunday at 8:00AM.

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About Tiffany:

Tiffany Johnson grew up on a North Dakota farm, no stranger to hard work, and driving too fast on gravel roads. After suffering years of sciatic nerve pain, she used the healing power of yoga to strengthen and elevate her suffering. Tiffany was hooked and pursued her yoga teacher certificate from the Himalayan Yoga Institute, in the mountain of the Himalayas in rural Ropa, India. Tiffany studied Raja Di Raja Yoga, an ancient form of classical yoga. Recently, Tiffany completed her 200 hour Yoga Therapy degree through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy, and is currently working toward her full 875 hour certification.

Tiffany works with private Yoga Therapy clients and teaches yoga classes at 117 Yoga and Wellness in Grand Forks. She also works therapeutically with survivors of childhood sexual assault in a private, small group setting.

Check out Tiffany online: https://www.tiffanyjohnsonyogatherapy.com

Key Takeaways

[00:01] About Tiffany Johnson

[01:59] What is trauma?

[06:06] What are some of the ways that trauma may show up in our body?

[07:51] Who would be a good fit for your NDYC class- Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop

[11:48] Inclusivity in our yoga classes


Quotes from this episode

We can all have a degree of trauma within our own selves which makes it kind of complex but also can be like wildly encompassing a lot of people and a lot of people don’t even realize that they carry trauma.

In this class, we will learn how to incorporate people who are experiencing trauma into your regular yoga class. And also what can other people do to help themselves. 

I’ll be giving some real world examples of things that you can do using different breath, movements and techniques to bring yourself back into your body. 

A lot of times people feel hijacked in their body and they can’t quite regulate their own function. They may feel that their body is not their own. They don’t feel that connection.

Some of these different things that we take for granted in a regular yoga class might actually be pushing some of these trauma people out of the class because they might not be able to handle the situation or where it is or where they are in the room or the room layout.

You may be dealing with trauma yourself and we want to make sure that we include everyone. We want to make a very safe, inclusive environment for our students.